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Top 10 unusual walking holidays

From trekking to the summit of Mount Etna to walking Japan's ancient Kumano Kodo trail, we have plenty of unusual walking holidays to choose from. Here are our top ten walking holidays that are guaranteed to amble beyond the traditional hiking trails.


Madagascar Wilderness Trek

For a walking holiday with a difference, head to the exotic land of Madagascar. Immerse yourself in verdant rainforest, go in search of elusive lemur playing in the dense canopy of Ranomafana National Park and hike in the shadow of granite mountain peaks soaring into powder blue skies in Andringitra National Park.
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Walking Scotland’s Orkney Islands

Unearth ancient Orcadian and Norse history during a walking tour of Scotland’s Orkney Islands. Teeming with world-famous archaeological sites, you’ll explore Skara Brae, one of the finest Stone Age settlements in Europe, as well as the Brough of Deerness. You’ll also spot beautiful birdlife as you explore stunning landscapes on foot.
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Walking In Sicily

This 8-day Sicily walking tour brings you up close to Europe's highest active volcano, Mount Etna. As well as trekking these scenic slopes, you’ll also catch a ferry to the Aeolian Island of Vulcano, before walking to the crater rim for unforgettable views of the Aeolian islands.
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Walking in Kyrgyzstan

Journey around the vast ethereal shores of Lake Issyk Kul in the shadow of the mighty Tien Shan mountains. The saline waters gently lap the shoreline and, despite the sub-zero air temperatures in winter, they never freeze. From ancient petroglyph rock carvings and the skilled eagle hunters of Djety-Oguz valley to the old Russian military outpost of Karakol city, this is a hiking trip that goes way beyond the typical tourist trails. 
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Walking Albania

Lose yourself amongst the lesser-known trails of Albania's northern Alps where wildflower meadows and fertile valleys sit in the shadow of the towering Accursed Mountains. Feel like you're a world away from life back home as you hike along quiet back roads and through alpine forests, and stop for a picnic lunch to watch hardy local shepherds living off the land and tending to their precious herds.
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Walk Japan - Kumano Kodo Trail

With every step along the ancient pilgrimage trail of Kumano Kodo, feel the stress and worries of modern life melt away as you embrace the Japanese practice of forest bathing in this serene natural world. Giant camphor trees soar towards the sky, and sweeping views of the Hatenashi Mountain Range reveal emerald-green hillsides and silvery clouds of swirling mist hanging in the valleys. 
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Walking Jordan's Spice Trails

Retrace the footsteps of ancient Nabateans as you walk the old space trails of Jordan. In Wadi Rum you’ll walk to southern Wadi where we set up camp beneath a vast expanse of stars. While walking in the rose red city of Petra, you’ll explore the ancient ruins on foot before experiencing traditional Bedouin living arrangements.
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Trekking Ethiopia's Simien Mountains

Trek into the remote Simien Mountains of northern Ethiopia for a walking experience like no other. Keep a look out for native Gelada monkey and Simien fox as you traverse a criss-cross maze of dusty trails, pass rocky plateaus, climb towering peaks and clamber through deep gorges towards the foot of Ethiopia's highest peak, Ras Dashen. 
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Azores Island Hopping

For verdant hillsides, glistening seas, active volcanoes and exotic wildlife, head to the Azores. Start your hike at the top of the 700-metre high ridge of Sao Jorge and descend through the luminous grassy gorge of Caldeira de Cima towards the sapphire-blue waters of the Atlantic. Meander around the rocky coastline above the crashing waves and follow the beautiful hydrangea-lined path to the aquamarine lagoon at Faja dos Cubres. 
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Hiking in the Caucasus

Step back in time as you trek through Georgia's Svaneti region. Grassy meadows cloak the hillsides, and mighty glaciers slide down the valleys toward inky-blue lakes and rivers, while oxen plough the fields. Home to remote indigenous communities, spend the night with a local Svan family in the colourful mountain village of Ushguli to learn about their unique lifestyle and see how they still honour age-old traditions, even today. 
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