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Top 9 cycling trips for 2024

Pedal your way through various destinations as we share our top 9 cycling trips for 2024.
Author: Donná Louw - Digital Content Executive at Explore Worldwide
Published: 26 September 2023

Have you ever thought of combining your love for cycling with a holiday to a country you have been longing to see? 2024 is the year to do this with our top 9 cycling trips. Enjoy a different view from the saddle of your bike and experience the depths of each destination as you ride into areas not usually seen by a typical tourist. Cycle across open landscapes and take in the surreal scenery all while meeting local people along the way.

One of our travel experts shares her experience from our Cycle Saigon to Hanoi trip.

“Over the course of the first few days, we'd head out of the city early, to avoid traffic and the heat of the day. Cycling was a brilliant way to see how the country changed even within small pockets of countryside. On one of our first rides in the Mekong Delta, we stopped to watch as coconuts were harvested, buying them to crack open so we could drink water before eating the delicious meat. We were in the moment, enjoying the fruits of people's labour, knowing we were supporting the local community. It was a great introduction to the rural Vietnamese people too; while cycling, people were swinging on hammocks at the front of their houses, waving hello as we passed by. ”
- Sarah, Travel Expert

Read more about her Vietnam cycling trip here.

Our cycling trips offer different grading levels to suit every type of cyclist, whether you are a beginner rider or an expert, there is a trip for you. Our tours provide a support vehicle which accompanies the rides throughout the trip, along with an expert tour leader to guide you along the way and introduce you to local experiences. Our cycling trips cover various terrains ranging from tar paths to off-road routes. We even have the option of choosing an electric bike (e-bike) at an additional cost.

Take a look at our top 9 cycling trips for 2024.

Coastal Favourite Cycling Trips

Croatia Cycling Trip code CCD
Best Seller
E-bike option
8 Days From £1275 without flights
Portugal Cycling Trip code CAL
E-bike option
8 Days From £1320 without flights
Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama Cycling Trip code CNCP
14 Days From £3499 without flights

1. Cycle the Dalmatian Coast


Explore Croatia's stunning Dalmatian Coast, where you'll cover a distance of 187 kilometres over five days while cycling along picturesque coastal roads. During your journey you'll have the opportunity to visit historic towns, and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. You'll cycle on two different islands; Hvar, with its beautiful countryside, and Korcula, where we'll explore villages and vineyards.

2. Cycle Portugal - Lisbon to Algarve


Pedal your way from Lisbon to the Algarve in Portugal, discovering charming villages, beautiful vineyards, and stunning beaches, all whilst trying local cuisine, including fresh fish, seafood and Alentejo wines, throughout your journey. A standout feature of this trip is the opportunity to pedal through the protected terrain of Vicentine Coast Natural Park, Europe's largest coastal natural park, allowing you to take in the scenery of wild coastlines. This trip covers 241 kilometres over five days, averaging approximately 48 kilometres per day.

3. Cycle Nicaragua to the Panama Canal


Venture into the heart of Central America on a cycling expedition through Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, where tropical rainforests, volcanic terrain, and pristine coastlines await your exploration. Along the way you'll visit the volcanic island of Ometepe and the tropical islands of Bocas del Toro for a little relaxation. Covering a distance of 286 kilometres over nine days on mountainous terrains, you'll be sure to experience an exhilarating cycling trip with the most incredible views.

Cultural Favourite Cycling Trips

Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam Cycling Trip code CTV
Best Seller
14 Days From £2195 without flights
Morocco Cycling Trip code CSO
E-bike option
8 Days From £875 without flights
United Kingdom Cycling Trip code CHW
E-bike option
5 Days From £724 without flights

4. Bangkok to Saigon by Bike


The journey from Bangkok to Saigon encompasses an epic cross-country ride, spanning 412 kilometres over ten days, across Southeast Asia. Pedal through bustling cities, tranquil countryside, and vibrant local communities, allowing you to experience the unique charm of each place you encounter along the way. Additionally, you will explore the magnificent temples of Angkor by bicycle, traversing small hidden trails to reach the ruins at Phimeanakas, the Elephant Terraces, the Bayon, Baphoun, and Preah Khan.


5. Cycle Morocco - Atlas to the Sahara


In Morocco, embark on a two-wheeled adventure through enchanting landscapes, cycling past stunning mountain ranges, ancient kasbahs, and colourful markets, immersing yourself in the rich culture and history of the region. You'll ride through the remote Hamada Desert of the Sahara and enjoy an exhilarating descent through the Berber heartland in the High Atlas. This cycling trip covers a total distance of 248 kilometres over six days, with 90% of the route consisting of quiet roads and the remaining 10% comprising dirt roads.


6. Cycle Hadrian's Wall - Coast to Coast


Explore the rich history of England while cycling from coast to coast along Hadrian's Wall, traversing stunning landscapes and ancient Roman ruins. This cycling trip covers a distance of 155 kilometres over four days, following quiet and traffic-free roads along National Cycle Network Route 72. Along the way, visit medieval castles and the Roman Army Museum until you reach your final destination at Tynemouth Castle, where you can celebrate your accomplishment of crossing England by bike.


Foodies Favourite Cycling Trips

Vietnam Cycling Trip code CVN
E-bike option
14 Days From £1895 without flights
Italy Cycling Trip code CIP
E-bike option
8 Days From £1420 without flights
Jordan Cycling Trip code CJP
9 Days From £1435 without flights

7. Cycle Vietnam


Set your wheels rolling in Vietnam, where you'll past lush rice paddies, vibrant markets, and serene waterways, fully immersing yourself in the country's rich culture and natural splendour. This leisurely journey offers ample opportunities for stops along the way to discover local communities and spans a distance of 232 kilometres over the course of ten days. In addition to cycling, take a boat cruise among the limestone islands of Ha Long Bay, making stops to explore the numerous limestone caverns that dot the landscape and savour a delectable seafood lunch on board.


8. Cycle Puglia


Our cycling tour in Puglia, Italy, offers you the opportunity to explore sun-soaked countryside, picturesque coastal villages, and indulge in delicious local cuisine. It combines the joy of cycling with the pleasures of Italian culture and cuisine. Covering a distance of 189 kilometres over five days on quiet country roads, we'll make stops along the way to sample Pugliese cuisine, including cheeses from a local 'caseificio,' a visit to a family-run bakery, and wine tasting.


9. Cycle Jordan


Experience the cultural richness of Jordan on two wheels, pedalling 191 kilometres over five days through ancient cities, the dramatic desert landscape of Wadi Rum, and the fascinating city of Petra. In addition to cycling in this incredible destination, you'll have the opportunity to spend a night under the stars at a secluded Wadi Rum desert camp. As you conclude your trip, relax and rejuvenate your legs by floating in the Red Sea, reflecting on the unforgettable cycling experience you've just had.



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