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Top 9 European cycling trips

Get on your bike to explore Europe on two wheels. Stay close to home and challenge yourself to cycle across the breadth of England or head further afield to ride alongside the wind-swept beaches of Portugal’s Algarve. Here are our top European cycling trips.
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Coast to Coast Cycling Tour, United Kingdom

The smooth tarmac road zig-zags through remote heathland as you gradually ascend one of the longest continual climbs in England, Hartland Pass. Dig deep and keep the pedals turning for the rewards will be more than worth the effort. Riding over the brow of the hill, panoramic views of grassy highlands and the distant waters of Solway Firth come into view. Take a well-earned break at the summit and treat yourself to a slice of tasty homemade cake before enjoying a fast, freewheel descent down the other side towards the picturesque Pennine village of Alston.
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Cycle Murcia Tour, Southern Spain

Jump in the saddle for a peaceful cycling holiday along the quiet rural roads of Southern Spain in 2021. Pedal through Europe's only semi-desert landscape to uncover whitewashed Moorish villages, holy cathedrals, pre-historic caves and mirror-glass waterways. Book a trip between mid-Feb and late March to see the almond and apricot orchards in full bloom; vibrant hot pink and white flowers pop against the deep blue, cloudless skies. Or head here in the winter months for a peaceful getaway with sunny days, mild temperatures and deserted cycle paths.
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Cycle the Baltic States

Embark on a more unusual European cycling trip in 2021 with a tour around the three Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Feel the sun on your back as you pedal along the wild Curonian Spit in Lithuania and cruise through the charming fishing village of Nida, lapped by the calm waters of the lagoon. Gaze up at giant sand dunes, acting as ramparts to the swell of the Baltic Sea, and explore trails through ancient pine-tree forests thriving with birdlife, before ending a busy day in the saddle with some delicious smoked fish in the seaside town of Juodkrante.
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Self-Guided Cycle South Portugal

Go without the group and cycle our Easy to Moderate route along Portugal's sunny coastline, from the Algarve into Alentejo. Ride through a variety of landscapes, along historical trails and over rolling hills, past unspoilt beaches and rocky coves. Finish each cycling day with some delicious Portuguese food and wine in quaint coastal towns. 
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Cycle Romania

Feel as though you've stepped back in time as you cycle through the heart of the Transylvanian Alps in Romania. Follow quiet gravel tracks as you pedal through undulating grassy hillsides dotted with wisps of leafy foliage and set against a dramatic backdrop of snow-dusted mountains. Local farmers tend to their crops with traditional scythes and sickles, and oxen heave carts full of local produce in this classical, time-forgotten wilderness.
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Cycle Hadrian's Wall, United Kingdom

After four days and 155km of riding across rural countryside, through quaint market towns and along peaceful river valleys, we weave our way along the River Tyne towards Tynemouth Castle, the final destination on our Hadrian's Wall Cycling Tour. As we roll up to the sandy cliff-edge and look out over the wild North Sea, there's a huge sense of achievement; we've just ridden across the width of England on two wheels - a moment in 2021 that we'll certainly never forget.
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Cycle Lisbon to Algarve, Portugal

A cycling trip along the west coast of Portugal is guaranteed to deliver breathtaking natural landscapes and picture-perfect scenery. Head here in 2021 to climb gently-ascending coastal roads with views of wind-swept golden-sand beaches, foaming turquoise seas and imposing cliff tops. Follow quiet cycle paths lined with purple wildflowers and quivering grasses, and top up the energy reserves with a feast of freshly caught fish washed down with a chilled glass local white wine.
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Cycle Marseille to Barcelona, France / Spain

Cycle through a labyrinth of tranquil canals and waterways amidst the fertile lowlands of the Rhone Delta on a cycling trip to France. The Camargue wetlands region is home to a plethora of bird species so keep your eyes peeled for heron, curlew and egret as you pedal along the empty gravel roads. If you're lucky, you might also see wild white horses roaming the sandy heathlands and look out for pink flamingo feeding in shallow lagoons.
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Self-Guided Puglia Cycling, Italy

Spend a week following our self-guided route around Puglia, the 'heel' of Italy. Cycle between historical towns, starting in Alberobello with its unique Trulli houses, and finishing in Lecce, known for its distinct Baroque architecture. Each days ride will be different from the last as you cycle across diverse landscapes, from flat countryside dotted with olive groves to coastal paths alongside pristine beaches.
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