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The BIG 15 foods and drinks to try around the world

One of the best parts of travelling is discovering new flavours and cuisines - whether it’s a twist on a familiar classic or finding a brand new favourite. Discover the 15 top food and drinks to try around the world.

1.Create satisfying Burrata in Puglia

Learn to make mozzarella stuffed with ricotta at a local agriturismo before enjoying the fruits of your labour. For a true taste of Puglia these are best accompanied by local breads and olive pesto to power your afternoon walk.

2.Taste delicious wines in South Africa’s Stellenbosch
Sample the latest of Stellenbosch’s refreshing vintages after touring the expansive wine estate against a backdrop of lush green mountains on our Cape Escape.

3.Savour mouth-watering Ceviche in the Yucutan
Savour shrimp ceviche, ‘cooked’ in citric acid and served with refreshing onion and tomatoes - a fantastic way to refresh and refuel after a day in the saddle in Mexico.

4.Take afternoon tea in the Andes
Enjoy tea and biscuits with a difference. Alfajores have a ‘cakey’ consistency, filled with dulce de leche and perfectly complimented with a steaming mug of the local Mate (tea) or coffee.

5.Try traditional Jordanian delicacies in Petra
After a day spent under the desert sun, indulge in some wholesome Makloubah. This traditional Bedouin dish is made from meat, rice and fried vegetables and then seasoned with local spices.

6.Spice up your salad in Iran
Make the most of refreshing flavours when you try a spicy shirazi salad filled with flavoursome tomatoes, onions and peppers.

7.Discover a meaty new favourite in the Phillipines
Savour traditional pork sisig, served with chillies, onions, egg and citrus on a piping hot dish, still sizzling as it’s brought to your table. Delicious.

8.Relax with a rich Columbian coffee
Taste the rich, smooth coffee made from beans grown in the steep-sided valleys of the Quindio Valley. The perfect pick-me-up to ensure you keep pace with the Latin way of life.

9.Discover parantha in India
Learn about the origins of vegetarian parantha, or flatbread, commonly served with chutneys and potato curry. All prepared before your eyes in Delhi’s Gali Paranthe Wali - ‘the lane of flatbread’.

10.Try authentic pho in Hanoi
Good things come to those who wait. Slow-cooked over 10 hours, Vietnam’s national dish, Pho (pronounced as fuh), is a rice noodle soup made with beef, herbs and spices. It’s a tasty meal and thirst-quencher in one.

11.Learn to cook Thai cuisine in Chiang Mai
Create a traditional Thai green curry when you go on a cookery course in Chiang Mai. Visit the local markets to shop for fresh raw ingredients before preparing (and enjoying) a feast of all your Thai favourites.

12.Mix mojitos in Cuba
Learn how to make mojitos the Cuban way in Havana’s Old Town before enjoying them from Hemingway’s favourite rooftop bar with views over the city.

13.Sip flavoured vodkas in Poland
Sample homemade flavoured Polish vodkas beneath the medieval Wawel Castle. Entirely quaffable, these vodkas are for sipping slowly to get the most from their various flavours.

14.Barbecue meats in a New Zealand pit oven
Taste meats slow-cooked on hot rocks in a Maori hangi or pit oven. Enjoyed after an evening of traditional New Zealand folk song and dance, this is a feast for all the senses.

15.Discover Georgian cheese bread made by locals
Sold from household windows, the khachapuri is a favourite dish of the Georgian locals. This leavened bread is shaped and filled with a cheese curd and an egg and then, once cooked, the crust is torn off and dipped into the contents.

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