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We've always had flexible booking conditions, and in these unprecedented times we've gone one step further with our COVID-19 refund promise. Read on to find out more (please note, Polar voyages have different terms)*
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We'll offer you a refund if your trip is cancelled.

As highlighted by consumer champion Which? we're one of few adventure travel companies who've offered refunds throughout the coronavirus crisis on suspended trips.




Cash refund if you’re required to self-isolate due to a positive COVID-19 test or trace alert (such as the NHS track and trace) and are therefore unable to travel.

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Transfer your trip free of charge up to 10 days before departure.

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While Explore feels like a small business, we’re actually part of a much bigger co-operative family. 


* Flexible terms apply to all trips apart from Polar Voyages which have different terms.


Our recommended travel insurance provider, Campbell Irvine, now also offers cover for COVID-19 for UK residents.

If you’re diagnosed with Coronavirus whilst travelling overseas with this policy, all necessary medical emergency and associated expenses will be covered. Unlike many other policies, you’ll also be covered if you have to cancel your holiday if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 or if you have to quarantine by order of government or public authority (e.g. NHS England’s Test and Trace) based on their suspicion that you or your travelling companion, specifically have been exposed to COVID-19.
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Booking FAQs

What happens if I can no longer travel?

We want  to be as clear and as honest as possible about what happens if you decide to that you no longer wish to travel on your trip. Our booking conditions have details of the costs you’ll incur when you cancel - these charges depend on how long it is before your planned departure.

In the case of a UK government-imposed national or local lockdown, we will cancel the trip and you will be offered a full refund or transfer of the full holiday value to another trip or departure date. 

For non-UK passport holders you need to confirm your eligibility to travel before paying your Final Balance. Cancellations after this point may incur cancellation fees unless we are unable to operate the trip.

Will the new traffic light system affect my trip?

If your destination is Green or Amber, we will plan to operate your trip as planned from 19 July 2021. See Q&A below. 

We will not currently operate to Red or Amber list countries but will operate to Amber countries from 19 July. This is in line with the Government update of 8 July 2021.

We review all trips at 60 days prior to departure.

If your destination is Red, we will cancel your trip and you will have the choice to transfer your booking, receive a credit voucher or get a full refund.

If you have any queries that aren't addressed, please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help. 
Will my Explore trip run as planned? Yes – depending on the rules in the host destination and FCDO advice, and subject to minimum numbers.
What are the requirements for my destination? It is very likely that a PCR test prior to travel will be required.

Please check the specific entry requirements for your destination.
What are the requirements for returning to the UK? Travellers will be required to: 
  • Take a PCR test 72 hours (or less) before returning to the UK
  • Complete an online passenger form within 48 hours of return to the UK
  • Take a PCR test on or before their 2nd day after arrival in the UK
  • You must be fully vaccinated when returning from Amber countries to avoid 10 day home quarantine. See below.
NB additional tests may also be required pre-travel depending on the requirements of the destination country.
What if I am currently booked on a trip to a Green/Amber country but will not be fully vaccinated in time to travel? It is your responsibility to ensure you are eligible to travel which may include being fully vaccinated to return from Amber countries without quarantine restrictions. Please check the Department of Transport website for the latest rules on UK entry requirements
Do I need to quarantine on return? No, unless you test positive in a Covid test or have not been fully vaccinated if returning from an Amber country.
If my destination changes colour before I travel, can I get a refund? If your destination changes from Green or Amber to Red within 35 days of departure, your trip will not operate and you'll have the choice to transfer your booking, receive credit voucher or get a full refund. If your destination changes from Green to Amber your trip will operate as planned.  Please make sure you understand the requirements for returning to the UK from both Green and Amber countries.
If my destination changes colour while I’m away, what will happen? If your destination changes from Green or Amber to Red while you’re travelling, you will need to pay for hotel quarantine on your return. If you wish to return earlier than planned we are happy to assist but there will be costs incurred. 

Can I change my trip? 

If you decide to transfer to another trip or date, rather than cancel, we can arrange that for you or issue a credit voucher for any monies paid, minus any irrecoverable costs, so you can decide the details later. Again, exact details are in our booking conditions.
When choosing to take a credit note or to transfer to another departure it is important to be aware that there are two kinds of cost which we may have incurred on your behalf. Those that form part of your deposit, which we refer to as ‘non-refundable deposits’ and costs that we incur closer to your departure date, known as ‘non-recoverable costs’. When you first make your booking, we may need to commit to certain services straight away to secure your trip. These might include paying for flights that need to be booked and paid for up-front, permits for activities (such as gorilla permits in Uganda or Inca Trail passes) or even costs to confirm specific accommodation at peak times. All of these costs will be outlined to you when you book, and will form part of your non-refundable deposit.
Closer to your departure, once you’ve paid your final balance, we’ll cover a number of other costs that we’re contracted to pay suppliers in anticipation of your arrival, the non-recoverable costs. Again, these can  include flights and rail fares, accommodation and permits. Should you no longer wish or be able to travel, there’ll be a sliding scale of how much we have already committed to and paid for. So the amount charged will depend on how close to departure you change your holiday. As a general rule, the nearer to departure the more we will have committed to, and so the less you will receive as a credit voucher.

✓ Travel with confidence

As well as being confident in booking with us, you can be confident in travelling with us.

Discover the robust safety measures in place on our tours. 
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