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Rough Guide's top ten countries for 2014

Added 21 Jan 2014
Rough Guide's top ten countries for 2014

January is the time of year when travel publications and websites let you know their choices of where to travel in 2014. One of these is 'The Rough Guide to 2014' where Rough Guides share their top tens in travel. Their 'top ten countries to visit in 2014' lists the countries the experts at Rough Guides believe are the places to be in 2014. The good news is we can take you to all of them!

top ten ethiopia

1. Ethiopia
Rough Guides say: "Take your pick of spell-binding attractions, untouched national parks and the ancient cities of Axum, Harar and Lalibela..."
We say: "...travellers seeing the countryside, people, culture, wildlife and historical sites for the first time are astonished by their richness and diversity."
Adventures in Ethiopia

top ten madagascar 2. Madagascar
Rough Guides say: "...over ninety percent of its wildlife is found nowhere else on the planet."
We say: "If you are planning to go to Madagascar, the first thing you should know is that it is like nowhere else on earth."
Adventures in Madagascar
 top ten brazil 3. Brazil
Rough Guides say: "...the Iguazu Falls blow Niagara away, old mining towns like Ouro Preto drip with colonial history and the dynamic city of Salvador is a gorgeous mélange of samba, Afro-Brazilian culture and crumbling Portuguese architecture."
We say: "There are few countries as beautiful and vibrant as Brazil, with nature so exuberant and people so welcoming."
Adventures in Brazil
 top ten turkey 4. Turkey
Rough Guides say: "’s the landscapes and historic sights of the interior that offer the most surprises."
We say: "The lifestyle, customs and traditions of this complex country is often reduced to a tourism brochure-friendly cliché of ‘East meets West’ but the reality of travelling through Turkey reveals a far more fascinating and nuanced picture."
Adventures in Turkey
 top ten georgia 5. Georgia
Rough Guides say: "...go now to enjoy the unspoiled hiking in the Caucasus mountains."
We say: "...steeped in mystery and romance, myths and legends, where Jason found the Golden Fleece, Prometheus was chained to Mount Kazbegi after he stole fire from the Gods, and the fearless Amazon women tribe lived beside the Tergi (Terek) River"
Adventures in Georgia
 top ten rwanda 6. Rwanda
Rough Guides say: "Rwanda’s dizzying natural assets are pulling in visitors once more."
We say: "Go in search of the magnificent and rare mountain gorillas on a Rwanda gorilla safari...this is an experience you will never forget."
Adventures in Rwanda
 top ten japan 7. Japan
Rough Guides say: "Japan’s excellent train system can whisk you from the capital to the temples of Kyoto in a couple of hours."
We say: "This endlessly fascinating country still remains an enigma to many Western tourists, even after several visits."
Adventures in Japan
 top ten bulgaria 8. Bulgaria
Rough Guides say: "Fabulous beaches, balmy weather, low prices, pretty historic towns and friendly people – Bulgaria is an intriguing destination."
We say: "While Ottoman-era landmarks and Soviet-style monuments abound in capital Sofia, the city has a youthful vibe and is very much the modern Eastern Europe capital."
Adventures in Bulgaria
 top ten macedonnia 9. Macedonia
Rough Guides say: "Mesmerizing Lake Ohrid, straddling the border with Albania, is set to become a real magnet for travellers."
We say: "Ancient and rugged, its landscapes evoke the mystery and drama of another age: ancient Greek ruins quietly crumble on desolate mountain-tops; Byzantine churches overlook serene highland lakes; and daunting fortifications stand guard over historic towns and cities."
Adventures in Macedonia
 top ten philippines 10. The Philippines
Rough Guides say: "A dazzling array of pristine reefs, volcanoes, sleepy backpacker islands and the famed rice terraces, the country mostly remains off the beaten path."
We say: "Picture postcard views that scream ‘paradise’, countless volcano peaks, and chartreuse-coloured rice terraces, the Philippines is one of the region’s most alluring yet off the beaten track destinations."
Adventures in the Philippines