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Customer Support Centre


General visa questions

  • Do I need a visa?
  • What is the contact information for the embassy?
  • How many pages do I need in my passport for my visa?
  • How long is my visa valid for?
  • What do I do if there is no embassy in my country?

Visa services & advice

  • Does Explore organise the visa for me?
  • Where can I get my visa from?
  • Will the embassy need my passport?
  • Who are Visa Swift?

Applying for a visa

  • How long will my visa application take?
  • What documentation will I need?
  • Do I need a double or single entry visa?
  • Can I apply for a visa online?

Visa fees & costs

  • How much will my visa cost?
  • Why is the visa service so expensive?

Completing your visa application

  • What are the entry and exit points?
  • Please advise the hotel address for my Visa application ?
  • Can you send my visa support documents early?
  • I need supporting information from you for my visa application, when will this be sent to me?
  • What happens if I make a mistake on my visa application?

Country specific questions

  • I am travelling to Cuba, do I need a visa?
  • Do I need an Esta to transit in the United States?
  • I need the reference number/ additional information for my Russia Visa?
  • Can I travel to Israel with an Arab stamp and vice verca?

Problem solving

  • I am extending my stay at the start/end of the tour can your supporting documents reflect this?
  • The dates on the form you have sent to us to support our visa application is wrong, can you amend?
  • What happens if my visa is declined?

Passport queries

  • Do you need 6 months on your passport for a visa?

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