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Booking a flight

  • Can you organise flights from my local airport?
  • Can I choose my own flights?
  • Why do you use indirect flights when there are direct flights available?
  • Can I change the flights to go direct?
  • Can you quote for Premium Economy / Business class upgrades?
  • Do you use low cost airlines?

Flight related questions

  • Can you pre-book me a window/aisle seat?
  • When can I check in online?
  • Can I pre book my seats?
  • Can I request emergency exit seats?
  • Can you book extra leg room for me?
  • Can I request a particular meal type?
  • What is my seat pitch?
  • Why can I get the same flights as you for less than you are charging me?
  • Can I check in online?
  • What will I need in order to check in online?

Airport Information

  • What terminal do I fly from?

Airline & train tickets

  • Where is my e-ticket number?
  • Where can I find my airline locator number?
  • What if I am unable to print my boarding pass?

On board

  • Can I take my medication on board?
  • Will there be peanuts on board?
  • Do my flights include meals?

Joining information

  • The joining hotel is different to the hotel I was given when I applied for my visa?