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Experience once-in-a-lifetime everyday on an Explore tour. On our trips you'll be guided by a local leader with expert knowledge about the destination. Our itineraries include the highlights as well as unique gems so you get the best experience on your holiday. 

We've got over 600 trips on offer, where will you choose for your next destination?
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Popular Trips

12 Days

Botswana Lodge Safari

Botswana, Namibia, Zambia Wildlife Trip code OZ
From £4199 with flights
12 Days

Shogun Trail

Japan Discovery Trip code JS
From £4265 with flights
8 Days

Amalfi Coast Walking

Italy Walking and Trekking Trip code NAW
From £1259 with flights
15 Days

Best of the Rockies and Yellowstone

Canada, USA Discovery Trip code WUC
From £4620 with flights
14 Days

Adventures in Patagonia

Argentina, Chile Discovery Trip code PA
From £3375 with flights
15 Days

Cycle Cuba!

Cuba Cycling Trip code CCC
From £2680 with flights

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