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Atakora Holidays & Tours

Atakora is Benin’s north-western region, an area which hosts a number of the country’s major sites, most notably the Pendjari National Park and the so-called Somba Houses (Tata Somba); unique, double storey fortified dwellings that are vernacular to Atakora. 

Pendjari National Park is a protected biosphere reserve blanketed with numerous indigenous shrubs, majestic baobab trees, and native flowers blossoming next to serene lakes and ponds. Elephants and hippopotami can be seen bathing in the Pendjari River, fruit bats clutter the trees and lions, cheetahs and jackals roam the savannah. The best time to see wildlife is May-June, when the terrain is blanketed in greenery due to light rains. From July to late October, the flowers bloom with the heavy rains, though some trails maybe closed due to high water.  Pendjari hosts a number of eco tourism projects, offering services from standard guided walks and safari, to canoe rides and mountain biking and traditional dancing.

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