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Kasane Holidays & Tours

You may share your breakfast in Kasane with a warthog. Or perhaps spot a pair of baboons on your morning stroll. You will almost certainly see elephants as soon as you arrive. Kasane lies at the entrance to Chobe National Park, which reportedly has the largest population of elephants in the world. It’s the administrative centre of the district and situated close to Botswana’s ‘four corners’ – the border confluence of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia. You can take a ferry across to the latter on a day trip to see Victoria Falls or admire the elephants grazing by the river pretty much everywhere. It’s that sort of place. 

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Kasane Holidays & Tours

Kasane has much to see and do in the near vicinity. You can smile at a crocodile at the Crocodile Farm at Kazungula Village (12kms from Kasane) whilst learning all about the Nile Crocodile from the farm’s experienced handlers. The same village has the Snake Park, which is probably the only place in Africa you will want to get close to a Black Mamba. Kasane’s hot springs contain warm waters said to hold medicinal powers and, being situated next to a wildlife corridor, it is also a great place to spot animals while you soak.  Increasingly, intrepid visitors are demanding walking safaris, which can be done at the Kazumu, Kasane and Sibuyu reserves. Just over the border in Namibia lies Caprivi Strip  - an area rich in wildlife and of important geopolitical significance.

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