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Okavango Delta Holidays & Tours

Spread over 15,000 square kms, the Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta in the world, a vast oasis surrounded by the Kalahari Desert. Its breathtaking scenery makes you want to break out in spontaneous applause; think a multi-hued mosaic of wetland and dry land, tranquil canals and soupy marshes, thick woodland, lush vegetation and a constant ebb and flow of exotic animal life – then double it. 

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Okavango Delta Holidays & Tours

Situated deep within the Kalahari’s basin, the fan-shaped Okavango Delta is fed by the river of the same name. The river is the third largest in Africa, has its source in the rainy highlands of Angola and is unique in the fact that it runs eastwards without reaching the ocean. During the rainy summer season, the river swells, and floodwater pours into the delta, rebirthing the area’s vast array of plant and animal life. At the area’s northern periphery, the river runs deepest, providing ample opportunity for fishing and bird watching in the wetlands. As the water hits the sand flats the delta emerges – a fascinating ecosystem of channels and lagoons and countless tiny islands in an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Dotted with reeds and acacia, fig and rain trees, it’s one of the most heavenly natural environments on earth. 

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