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Djibouti Holidays & Tours

Perhaps one of the least known countries in Africa, and maybe even the world, this tiny nation in East Africa punches well above its weight. Within its small borders you can find incredible beauty, with numerous geological rarities making the big headlines.

Travelling across the country, you’ll come across other worldly landscapes, including salt lakes, volcanoes, sunken plains and limestone oddities belching out smoke and steam from the bowels of the earth. Visitors here can explore the many canyons and plateaus, as well as making the most of the coastline and underwater worlds on offer.


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Djibouti Holidays & Tours

Off the coast of Djibouti, there is some world class snorkelling to be enjoyed in the Gulf of Tadjoura. If you’re really lucky you can even spot whale sharks basking in the water.

On the land, the country has been spared the over development of some other African destinations. Outside of the capital, named after the country itself, Djibouti retains its rural charm. Meet tribal people, learning about their history and way of life.

Visit Lake Abhe on the Ethiopian border. It’s a desolate landscape with limestone chimneys dotted around pumping out steam. It’s no surprise that this eerie lunar landscape has been used as a backdrop for Hollywood blockbusters, including Planet of the Apes.

Lake Assal is Africa’s lowest point, at 157 metres below sea level, and the saltiest place on earth outside of Antarctica. The nearby volcano of Ardoukoba looms threateningly in the distance. The islands of Maskali and Moucha are also well worth a visit and the capital city is also worth exploring too, being the only main urban area in the country.

This tiny speck on the map is home to some big attractions. It’s not yet on the tourist trail, which means you can explore it without the crowds you can get at other natural wonders. This is the way this landscape is meant to be seen. Combine a trip to Djibouti with a tour of neighbouring Ethiopia, which comes with its own set of treasures, and visit a place that few others have even heard of, let alone visited.

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