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Lesotho is often referred to as the ‘Kingdom in the Sky’. A small independent country completely surrounded by South Africa, none of its 30,000 sq km lies below 1000 m and some of its peaks reach as high as 3480 m. It is dominated by the Maluti Mountains, which cover three-quarters of the country, with the dramatic Drakensberg escarpment forming the eastern side and the border with KwaZulu Natal. This region of lofty landscapes has been declared the maloti Drakensberg Transfrontier Park. To the west the land flattens out somewhat into what is known as the Lowlands. Here are most of the kingdom’s towns, the small capital of Maseru, the richest agricultural land, and it is where the majority of the population lives. 

Maseru must be one of the world’s sleepiest capital cities – though in comparison to the rest of the country life here seems almost frantic. It is a pleasant and safe place to walk around to appreciate the vibrant African city street atmosphere. Basotho people are outstandingly friendly and it’s not uncommon for people to approach in you in the street to ask how you are and where you come from.


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