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There is so much more to Madagascar than Lemurs and vanilla. It is an island like no other. It drifted apart from the African continent around 165 million years ago, meaning that its plant and animal life and finely tuned ecosystem have evolved away from external influences - in other words not much at all.

Rich in flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth makes a holiday to Madagascar a wildlife lover’s dream. Explore beneath the forest canopy on a Wilderness Trek in search of fossa, fanaloka and thousands more unique animals that can be found alongside the limelight stealing lemurs.

Madagascar’s culture and people are just as fascinating as the wildlife. Different from neighbouring Africa native Madagascans are descendants of Asian mariners who crossed the Indian Ocean. Malagasy traditions, beliefs and practices are still carried out by ethnic sub-groups, from the weird and wonderful bone turning ceremonies and ‘dance with the dead’ to the intricately weaved brightly-coloured hats they adorn – a photographers dream!

The Lost Continent has so much to discover from the highland plains, verdant rainforest and tea plantations all the way to the golden beaches and snorkelling in the Indian Ocean.

Travelling to Madagascar with Explore you’ll get the best out of your holiday. Explore Leaders will talk to you about family life, traditions, what happens during the two-day festivities of celebrating ancestors and anything else you want to know!

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