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Mali Holidays & Tours

Mali is a country that has all the right ingredients for a true West African adventure. With its dramatic attractions, intriguing tribal people and rich history, Explore will take you on a comprehensive tour of this very off beat destination. Internal flights are notoriously unreliable in Mali so we prefer to use a combination of air conditioned buses and 4WDs to journey around.

Our tours include a city tour around the energetic musical capital of Bamako, and visits to the colonial town of Segou most famous for its market and pottery, and the coulourful, lively harbour town of Mopti both situated on the Niger River. The waterways are the lifeblood of the country and to sail along the Niger in a traditional pinasse passing by Bozo fishermen and local villages and observing the abundant birdlife is an unforgettable experience. Wild camping on the banks with meals prepared by your Dogon Cook will only enhance your river cruise adventure. And then pulling into port at Korioume, the gateway to the lengendary city of Timbuktu, you will be transported into the final oasis along the important caravan trading route through the Sahara. There is also the opportunity to marvel at the largest mud brick mosque in the World at Djenne, and trek the wild Dogon country along the foot of Bandiagara Escarpment through timeless villages, or take a 4WD and opt for short easy walks instead.


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