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Kruger National Park Trips

Kruger Park is the king of South African game parks and one of the best game-viewing areas in all of Africa. The figures speak for themselves: 507 bird species, 114 reptiles, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 147 mammal and over 23,000 plant species have been recorded here. The region itself is enormous, extending from the Crocodile River in the south to the Limpopo in the north, from the wooded foothills of the eastern escarpment to the humid plains of the Lowveld. It certainly fulfils most visitors’ fantasies of seeing magnificent herds of game roaming across acacia-studded stretches of savannah and, of course, is home to the Big Five. 

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Kruger National Park Trips

The park is 60 km wide and over 350 km long, conserving 21,497 sq km, an area the size of Wales. Despite its size, it is very well developed, with a good network covering 2600 km of roads and numerous camps, making a Kruger safari relatively hassle free. Don’t expect to have the park to yourself, however. Kruger receives over one million visitors a year and the park camps cater for up to 5000 visitors a day. Nevertheless, despite the huge number of people passing through, Kruger has managed to maintain its wild atmosphere. Only 5% of the park is affected by the activities of the visitors and only a few areas in the south come close to the overcrowding seen in East Africa’s game parks.

Kruger’s climate changes through the year with each season bringing its own advantages. The park looks its best after the summer rains when the new shoots and lush vegetation provide a surplus of food for the grazers. Migratory birds are attracted to the area and display their more colourful breeding plumage; there are good opportunities to see courtship rituals and nesting. The animals get healthier on their new diet and the herds of grazers give birth to their young. Visitors can see playful foals and calves of zebra and elephant. The winter months are good for game viewing because the dry weather forces animals to congregate around waterholes, and you will also see more animals because there is less foliage. The dry leafless panorama of apparently dead woodland stretching as far as the eye can see is an awesome sight. However, the animals tend not to be in the best condition. Whatever time of year you visit, you won’t go home disappointed.

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