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Sokode is Togo’s second-largest city and it has the largest Muslim population in the country. A handful of mosques blast out the Muslim prayer call five times a day and many locals dress in traditional Arab robes, making Sokode fell more like a North African town rather than one in Sub-Sahara. Situated in the centre of the country between the Mo and Mono Rivers, Sokode has long been a stop off on the important trade route between Ghana and Benin. Today is has the ambiance of an industrious agricultural town, with traditional mud brick constructions in the centre fanning out to the more modern buildings in the periphery.

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Most travellers use Sokode as a base to see Parc National Fazao-Malfakassa. Occupying nearly 200,00 hectares of diverse terrain, it is home to thousands of species of exotic birds including hawk eagles, pretty grey parrots, herons and sunbirds. Mammals include monkeys, antelopes and about 60 elephants also reside here, although seeing them is somewhat challenging. Most visitors make do with soaking up the stunning landscape, of waterfalls cradled by rocky cliffs, forests and savannah. Proliferation of wildlife in the park is being encouraged through the acclaimed Fondation Franz Weber, a Swiss organisation that has an office in Sokode. In 1990, Togo’s government entrusted them with the park’s management for 25 years. During this time this time poaching has decreased, and villagers have been trained in finding alternative sources of income, such as beekeeping.

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