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Tunisia Holidays & Tours

Tunisia usually conjures up images of package beach holidays with guaranteed sunshine. The guaranteed sunshine is certainly true but there is much more to be discovered...

Tunisia will surprise you with the variety of scenery and the richness of its history. You can explore ancient Carthage that grew to be the most important and powerful trading centre on the Mediterranean for 600 years. Visit a wealth of amphitheatres, baths and temples left by the Romans and great mosques with towering minarets and kasbahs built by the Arabs.

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Tunisia Holidays & Tours

See the spectacular scenery from the green hills of the north to the arid salt-flats and rolling sand dunes of the south. Visit the town of Le Kef which clings to a craggy hill dominated by a fortress and in Matmata the houses that are built in underground caves.

On an Explore Tunisia tour you will see the lesser known spots of Tunisia and delight in its contrasts. Traditional Islamic hospitality means that wherever you go you will be met by a friendly smile. Tours to Tunisia can be extended by including Libya and Egypt to make a more comprehensive overland trip to North Africa. You can also book on a departure escorted by our specialist guest lecturer for a more in depth understanding of this corner of the world!

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