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The largest and wealthiest of the ‘stans’, Kazakhstan’s abundant natural reserves of oil and minerals have contributed to its vast success, affording the country with a surprisingly robust infrastructure. Its exuberant capital, Astana is packed with showpiece architecture of Dubai proportions, with glitzy shopping malls and sharp-edged skyscrapers packed in next to colourful onion domes rising out of the dustbowl it sits within – earning it the moniker of ‘Singapore of the Steppe’.
Outside its wealthy cities Kazakhstan’s landscape wows with vast steppe blanketing much of the country, eventually giving way to the towering Tien Shen mountain range and its emerald lakes and pine forests. Once a land crossed by Kazakh nomads, Mongol warriors and Silk Road traders, Kazakhstan’s rich history has left indelible marks on its landscape. More recently, the country has played host to the Soviet space programme at Baikonur Cosmodrome. From here the first man was launched into space, and Baikonur is now the premier launch pad for manned missions to the International Space Station. Tourism is still in its infancy in Kazakhstan, so come soon and be among the first western tourists to explore this contrasting land.

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