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Taipei Holidays & Tours

Home to some 2.6 million people, Taiwan’s capital city is the political, cultural and economic centre of Taiwan. Taipei has a major industrial area with tens of thousands of businesses and a huge port responsible for exporting thousands of tonnes of goods around the world. Taiwan has long been a world-leader in technology and Taipei hosts one of the world’s largest annual technology exhibitions.

Taipei is a bustling metropolis packed full of hotels, restaurants, shops and visitor attractions. The most noticeable building is Taipei 101. This 509 metre, 101 storey skyscraper was once the tallest building in the world. Those with a head for heights can travel up to its 89th floor observation lounge in the world’s fastest (and double-decker) lift. Six floors of the building are taken up by an enormous shopping complex.

Less sophisticated but equally worth a visit are Taipei’s sprawling and lively night markets. Packed full of food stalls serving a delicious array of inexpensive snacks, you could spend the evening munching on anything from oyster omelette and fried chicken to Indian curries and Italian pasta dishes. There are also a plethora of stalls selling everything from clothing to shoes to cosmetics. The markets are popular with locals and tourists alike so maybe give it a miss if you don’t like crowds.

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