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Adventure Holidays in the Caribbean

There is usually only one thing that comes to mind when most people think about holidays in the Caribbean - lying on a hotel beach and enjoying copious amounts of sun, sea, sand and cocktails. Few people visit the Caribbean for an adventure holiday, or to experience the authentic and diverse culture that the Caribbean islands have in spades. An Explore holiday to Cuba or the West Indies should change this perception and give travellers a rounded view of what the Caribbean islands have to offer. The centuries of history and political change have left a mark on the Caribbean mentality that is completely unique. 

There is no better marker of this uniqueness than Cuba, the isolated island governed for over 50 years by Fidel Castro. People keep saying 'go now before it changes', but the truth is that the island has been slowly changing for many years, and it will hopefully be a long time before the iconic vintage cars and stunning buildings give way to Coca Cola adverts and McDonalds. On an Explore tour to Cuba you can discover all of this history in Havana and Trinidad, as well as cycling through the countryside of the hilly mogotes or walking in the leafy forest covering the Escambray Mountains. The diversity of Cuba means that outside of the well-known history, its stunning nature is often an unexpected highlight. 

The geography of the Caribbean screams adventure. Many islands, like Guadeloupe, Dominica and St Lucia are volcanic, which has thrown up huge mountains, vast craters and myriad hidden waterfalls and secluded jungle-covered pools to explore. An adventure holiday in the West Indies is a great way to start exploring the Caribbean's natural side, whether by hiking, birdwatching, canyoning or diving. There are natural forests with endemic birdlife like Dominica's sisserou, or St Lucia's pewee. 

Added to this adventurous landscape are fields of sugar cane, rum distilleries, freshly cooked fish and jerk chicken, and a laidback attitude to life - all of which make holidays in the Caribbean so appealing. 


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The best time to visit the Caribbean is during November and March. The hurricane season falls loosely between August and early November. Earlier than this, from April to August, it is intensely hot and humid with temperatures reaching the early 40s Celsius. While it is possible to visit the islands during this time, the most pleasant season to visit the Caribbean is November to March, when temperatures are cooler and there is less chance of rain. 

It can rain in the Caribbean at any time of year, so its best to be prepared for all weathers - but usually downpours are brief, and a welcome hit of cool in the heat. 

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