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Destinations Caribbean Jamaica

Jamaica holidays beyond the beach

Introduction to Jamaica

Flying into Montego Bay and heading to an all-inclusive hotel is one way to enjoy a holiday in Jamaica, but although you'll get the impact of the country's beautiful beaches and tasty rum punches, this one-dimensional view hides the full picture. Take the Blue Mountains National Park - nestled into Jamaica's lush and mountainous interior is this veritable jungle in the clouds that shelters endemic birds and is home to some of the best coffee in the world. Walking in dense forest, past gurgling rivers and amid colourful flowers, you might be forgiven for forgetting that you're on a small island holiday, until the steep trails lead out of the canopy to panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

A trip to Jamaica is full of surprises. Africa meets the Caribbean with spicy callaloo stews, homemade patties and vegetarian 'ital' food (its roots are found in the Rastafarian belief system). Pockets of little-talked about Maroon communities survive in the interior, one of the many remnants of Jamaica's slave history, and the sounds of dancehall, soca and reggae music make the country come alive, from long white-sand beaches to city dive bars.

The perfect way to explore Jamaica is by mixing beach time, snorkelling, swimming and relaxation, with discovering all of the natural wonders that the island has to offer - whether it's hiking, birdwatching, swimming in icy waterfalls or spotting dolphins off shore. Put down the Bob Marley compilation and immerse yourself into some real Jamaican vibes.

Country Information

In terms of weather, the best time to visit Jamaica is generally accepted to be from December to March, when temperatures are good and the dry season is in full swing. Not surprisingly, this also coincides with the busiest season, where the island's hotels, beaches and restaurants can be packed and excursions are busy.

Early Spring and late Autumn are generally considered to be good times to visit Jamaica (April-May and late October-November). While there may be a higher chance of rain on some days, these months are much quieter, and it's a perfect season to visit some of the natural attractions like the YS Falls or Cockpit Country.

June 1st marks the start of the official hurricane season, which lasts until the end of October, and hurricanes historically most likely to occur in August and September.

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