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Graz Holidays & Tours

Stylish and cosmopolitan, regal and elegantly adorned, Graz, the capital of the lushly forested state of Styria, was the former city of residence for the Inner Austrian line of the Habsburg dynasty in the 14th century.

Today, it is Austria’s second city and the last resting place of no less than 14 Emperors. It is an urbane place filled with fine architecture, botanical gardens, and sculpture parks. It boasts a plethora of museums dedicated to art, natural history, photography, literature, trams, aviation, folklore, and criminology. It is the most important University town in the country and its contingent of 30000 students infuse the place with energy, youthfulness, and self-assured cultural vitality.

Predictably, the citizens of Graz are always amenable to a good time, especially the partaking of fine food and drink. A designated ‘city of culinary delights’, Graz draws eager crowds for its annual Feast of the Long Tables – a dining ritual that takes place in the city’s evocative old squares and involves hundreds of seated guests.

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