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Located on the Balkan Peninsula and part of the former Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina is bordered by Croatia to the north and west, Serbia to the east and Montenegro to the south.

Gaining independence in 1992 BiH, as it’s known for short, was the scene of a civil war in the following years that did much to damage the country’s international reputation. However, since the end of the conflict getting on for 20 years ago, BiH has been flourishing and slowly welcoming back tourists.

Those that have made the trip have seldom been disappointed, discovering a stunningly beautiful country and incredibly hospitable people.


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The vast Tara River canyon is a one of the world’s biggest but is virtually unknown outside the region. Here you can walk its trails or raft down rapids on pristine rivers that are so clean you can drink straight from them.

BiH’s cities are as historically fascinating as they are beautiful. Although the scene of heavy fighting and a siege during the war, the capital Sarajevo is finding its own feet again. A warm and welcoming place, it is also rich in history. It was the location of the shot that killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, kick-starting WW1, and is still home to a diverse architectural style that belies its complex history.

Mostar is another of the country’s most famous and beautiful cities. The medieval bridge here is world famous, and was lovingly restored after being destroyed in the conflict. In the summer months, the bravest boys and girls in the city jump from it into the water below (although this is not recommended).

Visit the Bridge Over the Drina, the famous crossing point that was the inspiration for Ivo Andric’s Nobel Prize winning novel, a cultural history and masterpiece of modern literature.

While the evidence of the war is still there to see, it is remarkable to witness how this country is putting the past behind it and moving on to a brighter future. The wider world is finally learning about its superb natural environments and mountainous scenery, and it’s not long before it becomes (like its neighbour Croatia) a major tourist hotspot in the Balkan region.

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