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Holidays to Sirogojno

The highland village of Sirogojno is famed for its high-quality knitwear; during the 1970s, Sirogojno sweaters graced the catwalks from Paris to Rome. Today, Sirogojno is home to an intriguing open-air ethno-museum where visitors can learn about traditional Serbian lifestyles.

An officially recognised cultural monument since 1983, the ethno-museum showcases a variety of wooden cottages typical to the Dinaric Alps of Serbia. Built on stone foundations, they feature log walls and high thatched or wooden rooftops with cone-shaped chimneys. Their interiors are simple and rustic, and include a hearth fireplace where the household would gather each night for the preparation and consumption of dinner. Life in traditional Serbian villages revolved around the family structure and egalitarian co-operatives where everyone shared duties and work.

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Holidays to Sirogojno

In addition to knitwear, Sirogojno traditionally relied on a number of artisans - carpenters, wheel-makers, coopers, and basket-makers among them. The village is dotted with workshops where you can observe the tools of their trade.

The blacksmiths’ is a particularly impressive and features a tree-stump embedded with an anvil and a range of wrought iron implements – knives, pincers, cutters, and hammers – for the manipulation of hot metal. Visitors can also observe a dairy house for the processing of milk, a traditional Serbian bakery, storage facilities for grain and oat, and bee-hives fashioned from vine and mud. There is a traditional wooden inn in the grounds where you can rest up and sample local cheese, pie, dark bread and other local specialities.

Situated on the slopes of Zlatibor mountain at an altitude of 900 m, the village enjoys cool temperatures, abundant fresh air and rugged landscapes punctuated with creeks, valleys, rivers, and rambling forests rich in aromatic pine, oak, ash, and spruce. The region has been inhabited since ancient times and boasts numerous historic monuments and medieval sites.


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