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Slovaks love the outdoors and with so much on their doorstep, it’s easy to see why. The Carpathian, Ore and Tatra mountain ranges climb east-west across the country, shrouding it in a deep green canopy of rolling pine forests, rocky slopes, crashing waterfalls and untamed whitewater rivers.

But the Slovak countryside punctuated with therapeutic spas, gothic castles and sleepy Medieval towns are now being discovered by international travellers too. Hikers, climbers, cyclists, kayakers, cavers and fishing enthusiasts all enjoy Slovakia for its considerable natural assets and are well-served by an excellent national park system. 

Hiking trails criss-cross the rambling hills, providing access to the largest karst area in Central Europe, as well as hundreds of caves and caverns. The country’s highest peaks are situated close to the Polish border and no less than 29 of them exceed 2500 metres. Wildlife is prevalent too including large mammals like wolves, lynxes and chamois goats.

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Slovakia Trips

But Slovakia is deeply historical too. Thanks to its position at the heart of Europe, it has witnessed millennia of human activity, starting with a distant tribal past rooted in the Bronze Age. As an organised territory, however, present-day Slovakia roughly corresponds to the ancient Slavic Kingdom of Moravia, which reached its peak in the 9th century AD, before being incorporated into the Austro-Hungarian Empire for nearly 1000 years. Much of the wealth and opulence of this period is concentrated in the capital, Bratislava, a youthful and stylish place where you’ll find a castle and churches, mansions and palaces and a trove of urban architecture that spans gothic, renaissance and baroque styles.

Czechoslovakia, formed in the aftermath of the World War I, lasted most of the 20th century, surviving Nazi occupation and several decades of Communist governance. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Czech Republic and Slovakia broke from each other to become independent nations. Today, Slovakia appears to have successfully weathered the shift to a market-driven economy.

Eastern Slovakia is the country’s folkloric heartland, home to numerous wooden churches and traditional houses and places echoing with the legends of Slovakia’s most famous folk hero, Juro Janosik, a Carpathian highwayman who robbed the rich to give to the poor. Don’t miss a chance to stop at traditional taverns or rural guesthouses and enjoy some Slovak cuisine, hearty fare rich in pork, poultry, and game meat, all washed down with fine red wine. The best time to enjoy Slovakia’s folk traditions is the Vychodna, the most important folk event on the annual calendar and a time when you’ll be able to observe much singing, dancing and unrestrained merriment.

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