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Barcelona Holidays & Tours

Barcelona really has got it all. Just for starters, there’s the location: the city dips its toes in the Mediterranean, leans back against the Pyrenees and basks in year-round sunshine. Then there is the skyline: this is Gaudí’s city after all, and his buildings seem to have erupted magically between Gothic spires and glassy 21st-century design. Add to that a fantastic and varied nightlife, a discerning cuisine and a nose for the latest and best in fashion and design, and it’s hardly surprising that Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Europe.

But underneath the flirty, glamorous exterior lies a city that had to work to get attention. By the 1980s, parts of the city were too dangerous to walk through at any time of day and the spectacular legacy of the Modernistas was slowly disintegrating. The 1992 Olympics changed all that; with breathtaking energy the city reinvented itself, demolishing and reconstructing great swathes of land, and unfurling itself along the long-ignored Mediterranean. Since then, Barcelona hasn’t looked back. Capital of the proud province of Catalunya, it is the focus for resurgent Catalan nationalism, energetically celebrated through football and food, as well as politics.

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