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Isfahan Holidays & Tours

There’s a good reason Isfahan is one of Iran’s most popular tourist destinations. Its unique appearance, complete with tree-lined boulevards and beautifully realised Islamic buildings, creates an alluring atmosphere. Add to this its reputation as a centre for artisanal crafts, with much of it found in the historic bazaar, and it’s a virtual living museum to Iran’s cultural heritage.

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Isfahan Holidays & Tours

One of the country’s most iconic cities, its centre is a UNSECO listed site. Stroll through the city, crossing beautiful bridges and you soon realise why Isfahan has earned its place along with Rome and Athens as one of the world’s great historical destinations. No visit or tour of Iran is complete without a stay here. It’s also perfectly located along the historical route that takes in the equally stunning cities of Persepolis and Yazd.

Despite the development of industry in the outlying areas, Isfahan retains it’s incredible and iconic charm, remaining a must see for visitors to Iran.

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