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Tel Aviv Holidays & Tours

Tel Aviv, after Jerusalem, is the second most populated city in Israel. The city is situated on the Mediterranean coastline, and is known as the ‘white city’. It’s been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003 and is home to the world’s highest concentration of Bauhaus buildings. The Bauhaus architecture in the city was constructed in the 1920’s and 30’s by German Jewish residents who settled here after the rise of the Nazi’s back home. Tel Aviv has a remarkable 544 active synagogues including the historic Great Synagogue built in the 1930’s.

The city is made up of nine districts; the oldest of which is Jaffa, an ancient port that the modern day city grew up around. Three of Israel’s largest museums are located in the city including Eretz Israel Museum with archaeological and historical exhibits on the ‘Land of Israel’ and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Shalom Meir Tower was Israel’s first skyscraper built in 1965, and at the time of its construction it rivaled the tallest buildings in Europe and was the tallest in the Middle East.

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