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Tours to Lebanon

Once the heart of the Phoenician empire, now a modern coastal country where the Middle East meets West in both culture and taste. Explore forest-covered mountains, Mediterranean coastline and brilliantly-preserved Roman architecture at Baalbek. Share food in a traditional mezze style and sip on locally produced wine.
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Ways to explore Lebanon



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Discover our Lebanon tours

Embark on one of our Lebanon small group tours to explore a country steeped in fascinating history and boasting breathtaking scenery of verdant mountains, picturesque coastlines and delicious food. 

Begin your Lebanon discovery trip with a tour around the capital city of Beirut. Follow your local tour leader along the Green Line that divided the city during civil unrest, and, despite its troubled past, witness the city's incredible reincarnation to its former glory. Uncover ornate mosques and minarets, and wander along the palm-lined corniche waterfront lapped by turquoise-blue waters overlooked by modern high-rise tower blocks. A trip to the jewel in Lebanon’s ancient crown, Baalbek, will take you back to a bygone era. Dedicated to the gods of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, this UNESCO World Heritage Site features the stunning Temple of Bacchus with ornate stonework, columns and a timeworn theatre.

For a more active Lebanon tour, jump in the saddle and pedal through the Qadisha Valley on our Cycle Lebanon trip. Jagged sand-coloured mountains tower above the deep valley gorge and scatterings of cedar trees drape the hillsides.

Our most popular tours in Lebanon

Highlights of Lebanon

Lebanon Discovery Trip code LL
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8 Days From £1199 without flights

Cycle Lebanon

Lebanon Cycling Trip code CLL
8 Days From £1399 without flights

Highlights of Lebanon and Jordan

Jordan, Lebanon Discovery Trip code LLJ
16 Days From £2525 without flights

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