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Grand Canyon Holidays & Tours

You never forget the first time you stand at the precipice of the Grand Canyon, an unfathomably vast copper-coloured chasm that instantly swallows all sense of size and proportion. More than 1800 metres deep, 446 kilometres long and 29 kilometres wide, the canyon is a monument to the power and beauty of nature – a profound geological monument carved out of the Colorado Plateau by the winding Colorado River, many millions of years ago…

Located in the arid state of Arizona, the canyon sprawls east to west with a complex maze of steep-walled gorges and rocky towers. Its protection falls to the Grand Canyon National Park, the Hualapai Tribal Nation, and the Havasupai tribe – as an ancient natural wonder, the canyon has long been revered by the region’s native people. Today, the park receives close to five million visitors a year, mostly motorists who park up by the rim to enjoy the views. The park encompasses several distinct eco-systems with deer, elk, sheep, coyotes, mountain lions, and black bears among its native fauna.

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Grand Canyon Holidays & Tours

Visiting the Grand Canyon can be as easy, athletic, or as adventurous as you like. Tour buses unload at the South Rim, where most tourist facilities and conveniences are concentrated. Throughout the year, visitors can enjoy guided tours with park rangers, rent bicycles, watch films on the history of the park, dine in cliff-side restaurants, or peruse the nearby museums and visitors’ centres to get a better understanding of the canyon’s complex geology. There are numerous observation points around the South Rim, including the Stone Watchtower, Desert View Drive, and Hermit Road. Hiking the canyon is an extremely popular activity, the truly adventurous – and extravagant – can experience the canyon in a helicopter or light aircraft. Despite the numerous visitors to the canyon each year, the terrain is harsh and challenging, not to be underestimated.

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