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Torres del Paine National Park Holidays & Tours

A spectacular land of fragmenting glaciers and teetering icy peaks, southern Patagonia feels like nowhere else on earth. Although Chileans posted here will often say that they are a ‘long way from Chile’, this is the country’s most popular destination for visitors. The jewel in the crown is the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, a natural magnet for travellers from all over the world. The ‘towers’, three distinctive columns after which the park is named, point vertically upwards from the Paine massif-like fingers, surrounded by imposing glaciers, turquoise-coloured lakes and thick forests of native trees.

Covering 242,242 ha, 145 km northwest of Puerto Natales, this national park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a huge, huge draw for its diverse wildlife and spectacular surroundings. Taking its name from the Tehuelche word Paine, meaning ‘blue’, the park encompasses stunning scenery, with constantly changing views of peaks, glaciers and icebergs, vividly coloured lakes of turquoise, ultramarine and grey, and quiet green valleys filled with wild flowers. In the centre of the park is one of the most impressive mountain areas on earth, a granite massif from which rise oddly shaped peaks of over 2600 m, known as the Torres (towers) and Cuernos (horns) of Paine.

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Here, there are 15 peaks above 2000 m, of which the highest is Cerro Paine Grande (3050 m). Few places can compare to its steep forested talus slopes topped by 1000-m vertical shafts of basalt with conical caps. These are the remains of frozen magma in ancient volcanic throats, everything else having been eroded. On the western edge of the park is the enormous Campo de Hielo Sur icefield. Four main ventisqueros (glaciers) – Grey, Dickson, Zapata and Tyndall – branch off it, their melt water forming a complex series of lakes and streams, which lead into fjords extending to the sea. Two other glaciers, Frances and Los Perros, descend on the western side of the central massif.

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