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Peperpot Plantation Trips

The Peperpot Plantation is a former coffee and cocoa plantation – one of the first to be established in Suriname. With the closing of the plantation, tropical nature quickly took hold; the area is renowned for the diversity of species which live here. Colourful butterflies, dragonflies, several species of monkey, various reptiles and sloths are all regularly spotted.  Many of the region’s endemic bird species such as the Blood Coloured Woodpecker can be found here; the area attracts bird watchers from around the world.

The other reason to visit is to learn about the history of the plantation and the people who worked it. In Peperpot village it is possible to visit old plantation homes and worker barracks (kampongs) and learn about what the daily lives of the workers were like. The old coffee factory is also still intact and is a good place to learn about the production process.

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