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Boat Journeys in Egypt

All the way from Ancient times through to today, the Nile has been the life source of Egypt. Nearly all of Egypt’s 80 million inhabitants live in the Nile valley, and nearly all the country’s cultural and historical sites lie along its banks.

This makes a Nile cruise the ideal way to observe Egyptian culture and explore its historical treasures. It is also a very good way to unwind. Aboard the boat you can leave the stresses and strains of travelling in Egypt behind and simply relax!


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There are three main types of Nile cruise experience in Egypt, which vary depending on the boat you choose. You can experience a traditional sail boat called a ‘felucca’ or a more luxurious wooden ‘dahabiya’, which is similar to the felucca but larger and with more facilities. Alternatively you can cruise by riverboat, which is normally what comes to mind when you think of a Nile cruise. 

Cruising the Nile by riverboat gets you from site to site while providing comfortable on-board facilities. The traditional sail boat or felucca gets you closer to the everyday life along the Nile banks for a more intimate experience and offers a unique opportunity of camping under the stars along the shore. The dahabiya combines the intimacy of the felucca experience with the comfort of a larger boat, so you enjoy the best of both worlds.

As well as the Nile there are also luxury cruise boats that operate on Lake Nasser which stretches some 500 km south from Aswan all the way into Sudan and is the world’s largest reservoir. Cruises on Lake Nasser stop at the impressive rock-cut temples of Abu Simbel, as well as smaller temples along the way such as the beautifully located temple of Seboua. 

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