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Nile Felucca in Egypt

Sleeping on deck, taking regular stops for leisurely swims and spending evenings around a camp fire are all part of the adventure aboard this traditional sailing vessel.

There’s no better way to appreciate the easy pace of life on the Nile than to join a felucca sailing holiday. The felucca has been the most popular vessel on the Nile for centuries and is still widely used today. About 11 metres long and rigged with a tall lateen or triangular sail, it has no motor and relies only on the steady north wind. 


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The relaxed pace and outdoor nature of this journey means that there are no fixed stops  – these depend largely on the elements. A canvas canopy acts as a sunshade during the day and keeps the dew off at night, when you sleep on deck on foam mattresses. Food is bought at village markets along the way and cooked on board by the local Nubian crew, Egyptian style. Your luggage is stored below deck.

On a typical day you will enjoy the easy rhythm of life on the river, occasionally stopping to walk through fields and villages, or visit one of the ancient sites. At lunch a buffet style meal will be served while drifting down the river. Often a cooling north wind picks up in the afternoon and the feluccas make good progress; sometimes the wind drops completely and you moor up for a leisurely swim stop. An overnight stop will be found before dusk, usually at one of the mid-river islands, before settling down for dinner and a relaxed evening around the camp fire. The Nubian crew will often bring out their drums to sing and dance under a star filled sky.

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