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Boat Journeys in Gambia

Gambia in West Africa is a former British colony so most of the population are English speaking. The Gambian River runs the length of the country, 480 kilometres from east to west out into the Atlantic Ocean. A river cruise is the perfect way of experiencing the surrounding countryside at a leisurely pace.

On the Gambian River you’ll pass by tropical forests, bamboo groves, rice paddies, mangrove swamps and river side villages. You may also have the chance to see hippos, Nile crocodiles, monkeys and a variety of different birds.


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An interesting place to stop by on your river cruise is the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project. Set on the banks of the river the centre was established in 1969 to look after orphaned chimps, and there are now around 50 chimpanzees living on three river islands.The Gambian River National Park was established in 1978 and is made up of five islands known as the Baboon Islands. The park was created to protect Gambia’s threatened hippo population, as well as the beautiful river environment and island forests. Although it isn’t possible to land on all the islands you can view the wildlife from your cruise vessel on the surrounding waters.

A Gambian river cruise is an excellent way to view the natural scenery, soak up the sun, spot animal and bird life, and watch the sunset over the water.

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