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Boat Journeys in Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago is the world’s 16th largest country in terms of land mass and is made up of more than 17000 islands. With so much water to negotiate, travel by boat is by far the best way to explore the 6000 or so inhabited islands, as well as those remote places where only the rich and varied tropical flora and fauna flourish. 

A popular choice for those wanting to explore beyond the larger and most densely populated islands such as Sumatra and Java is to take an organised cruise on a Pinisi schooner.


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Pinisi are the traditional timber sailing boats that were formerly used by the seafaring Bugis people of South Sulawesi to carry cargo along the trade routes of the Malay archipelago. Today they have been motorised and adapted into attractive cruising vessels, enabling you to reach far flung islands where the infrastructure can be limited, in relative comfort.

The tropical islands of Indonesia are incredibly varied in terms of landscape, habitat and culture and with a magnificent coastline of over 95000 km, the options for diving, snorkelling and spending time on the beach can seem almost endless. One trip will surely see you heading back to discover more.

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