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Boat Journeys in Greece

The beautiful Mediterranean county of Greece is a land withmany islands. Scattered throughout the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean Seas these islands vary in size and population, with many just small rocky uninhabited outcrops. Crete is the largest, and most populated, Greek island with its own administrative centre. Other islands tend to be grouped into regions, with their own regional characteristics, such as the Cyclades, the Ionian Islands and the Dodecanese, although some such as Mykonos, Corfu and Rhodes are also known in their own right.

Greece as a nation is heavily dependent on boats. Regular ferries from the mainland and other islands are often the lifeblood of smaller communities. They also provide a great way for visitors to sail from island to island and experience life on different islands. However for those who get the opportunity the best way to travel around Greece is to take a cruise on a small boat.


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The boats vary in standard but all will moor up in small bays and coves for regular swimming and snorkelling stops, and call at traditional tavernas in coastal villages and harbours to allow you to sample the delicious local food. Most will also encourage you to visit the ancient historic sites scattered along the coastlines, climb up to local viewpoints and generally explore the islands. Traditional Greek fishing boats are known as ‘caiques’ and some of these have been adapted to take guests in simple, en suite accommodation.

Greece enjoys a southern Mediterranean climate and boat cruises can be enjoyed between mid May and early October. As with other Mediterranean countries it can be hot in the summer months but on a boat you are never far from a swim.

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