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Cycling Trips

Whether you’re a keen cyclist or enjoy the occasional bike ride at the weekend we have plenty of cycling holidays to choose from to suit every ability.

We cycle mainly on backroads and rural tracks, using mountain bikes or ‘hybrid’ bikes that are ideal for the terrain. These are supplied by us and included in the price of your cycling trip: you don’t need to bring your own bike or pay extra to hire one locally.

To be as flexible and unobtrusive as possible we cycle in small groups, usually with around 12 people, accompanied by a specially trained Explore leader whose knowledge of the route and passion for the destination will ensure you get the very most from your holiday.

We research our cycling holidays with real care, combining the best routes with all the destination has to offer. You’ll enjoy not just the challenges along the way and the sense of achievement at the end of each day, but also the joy of exploring on two wheels: watching the landscapes unfold ahead of you, meeting the local people and experiencing everyday life well beyond the reach of conventional tourism.


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Cycling Trips

About the Bikes

On an Explore cycling holiday, your bike is provided locally and unlike many other operators, the cost is included in the trip price. We mostly provide either classic touring bikes or hybrids - robust on dirt tracks and nippy on good roads. Specifications of bicycles used can be found in the 'Factfile' for each tour, and further details can be found on the tour notes.

The Support Vehicle

On some trips a support vehicle travels behind the group, always out of sight. On others it may go on ahead with the baggage and then return to sweep the route several times to check if anyone requires assistance. On certain self-guided group trips or on sections with no vehicular access, a support vehicle may not be necessary or practical. Specific details can be found in the 'Factfile' section of each tour.

Your Luggage

On all trips we transfer your main luggage on to the next overnight stop. Whilst cycling, all you have to carry is what your need for the day, such as snacks or a camera. Depending on the trip, the bikes are provided with either a front handlebar bag, rear panniers or saddlebags.

Several of our trips offer the chance to follow self-guided routes where you'll be provided with a map and detailed notes and have the choice of cycling independently or with other members of the group. On some trips, involving less obvious backroads/lanes or tracks - or perhaps a lack of road signs - we cycle as a group directed by an experienced tour leader.

With Explore, a specially trained tour leader is provided - often cycling with the group throughout. Occasionally the leader will drive the support vehicle, only cycling with the group when necessary.

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