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Cycling in Morocco

Morocco is only a short distance from Europe but is culturally and geographically very distinct, thus providing the European cyclist with an ‘exotic’ destination within relatively easy reach. You can pedal along the Mediterranean coast, conquer high mountain passes, ride a thrilling descent to the endless expanse of the Sahara Desert, stay in typical Berber villages and relax on sweeping Atlantic beaches.

A large part of Morocco is mountainous and inhabited by the indigenous Berber people whose largely agricultural existence has changed little over the centuries. Some classic bike routes traverse the Atlas Mountains on a mixture of dirt and paved roads where you can experience Berber hospitality and spend the night in a village house. The Rif Mountains in the north of the country can be easily reached from Spain.

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The Berbers are outnumbered by the Arab population that originally brought Islam to the region over 1400 years ago. The Arab population resides in the bustling cities and towns where Morocco’s rich history is evident in architecture, religion and traditions. In ancient cities such as Marrakech you can take leave from your bike and wander through a maze of narrow alleys, step back in time as you explore the old quarter, listen to the call to prayer reverberating through the streets, haggle over excellent handicraft souvenirs or colourful carpets in the souks. In Fes you can observe (and smell!) the process of making leather which hasn’t changed in centuries.

Morocco’s landscapes are as diverse as its people, with Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines, the towering Atlas and Rif Mountains and the rolling dunes of the Sahara. Ride your bike through palm-fringed gorges, across desert plateaux, past fortified kasbahs to cool desert oases. The High Atlas Range gives way to the Jebel Sahro Range then on to the Sahara. You can spend the night under desert skies in a nomad desert camp for an Arabian night experience.

The mild climate for cycling from October to May is perfectly suited as an escape from our colder months. At higher altitudes in the mountains you need to wait for the snow on the high passes to melt and ride between May and September.

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