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Cycling in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country that few people explore further than the jungle-clad, world famous temple groups of Angkor or perhaps the vibrant capital of Phnom Penh. However, there is so much more to see and experience, and slowly but surely Cambodia is starting to attract more visitors yet managing to remain a fascinating and rewarding off-beat destination. On any cycling holiday to Cambodia you are sure to receive and warm and friendly welcome from the local people. 

The Gulf of Thailand meets Cambodia along a stunning and relatively unspoilt coastline of palm-fringed beaches and tropical islands. This is a major contrast to the development of Thailand or the population density of Vietnam. You can cycle on this coast between the chief attractions of Kep, Kampot and Sihanoukville. 

Further inland and along backroads you can pick your way past rural countryside to the vast lake of Tonle Sap, where communities live in stilted houses on the water. To the north of Tonle Sap lies Battambang, a provincial town whose quiet and laid back environs are great to explore by bike and where the architecture reflects the French colonial period.  The Cardamom Highlands form a natural barrier between Tonle Sap lake and the coast.

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Once closed to visitors the overland entry point to Laos at Stung Treng is now open and offers a chance to follow the course of the mighty Mekong River through the country. 

The jungle temples of Angkor almost need no introduction and are an undoubted highlight of the entire region. You can cycle along the jungle lined roads between the temple groups at the vast site and get a sense of the magnificence of the Angkor empire at its peak hundreds of years ago.

Cambodia is in the tropics and like the rest of South East Asia has three seasons. You can visit all year round but the best time to come as a cyclist is from November to February, as temperatures are not too hot and there is less chance of rain. Things heat up from March to mid-May then the hot rainy season runs through to August. The rainy season then tends to become cooler and gradually comes to an end by late October. 

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