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Cycling in Cuba

There is no destination in the world quite like Cuba – a Caribbean island with Spanish colonial roots that has been heavily influenced by and increasingly isolated since Fidel Castro’s revolution in 1959. Cuba is perfectly suited to a cycling holiday thanks to its outstanding natural beauty, the lack of traffic on the roads and the friendly and warm welcome from the local people. 

Years of US trade embargo and a low population density means there are very few vehicles on the roads outside the urban areas. As you pedal along quiet roads past sugar cane plantations you are more likely to encounter Cubans on bikes or horse-drawn carts than motor vehicles. A great part of any trip to Cuba is being able to meet and engage with the local people and this becomes so much easier as you are pedalling along on a bike.

The Cuban countryside is beautiful and varied with three significant mountain ranges and countless idyllic tropical beaches. Away from the mountains large swathes of the island are generally flat. This makes Cuba suitable to all grades of cycling holiday, from easy to more challenging.

Explore cycling trips to Cuba stay at Casa Particulares (Spanish for ‘private houses’), a Cuban term meaning private accommodation or private homestay where one or two modest rooms, mostly with en suite facilities, are rented out to visitors. We believe that staying in a Casa will be one of the most interesting experiences you will enjoy during your cycle around Cuba.

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Country Information

Havana is the vibrant capital with a faded colonial grandeur and a must-see for any visit to Cuba. It was an important stronghold for the Spanish with all the plundered gold and silver bullion passing through on its way back to Europe. This is evident in the grand colonial architecture that is now slowly crumbling away in the tropical humidity. 

Viñales is an area of outstanding beauty located in the western corner of the island. You can enjoy cycling through this patchwork of tobacco plantations studded with limestone ‘mogotes’ that dominate the landscape – jungle-clad mountains that loom up out of the fertile soil.

Trinidad is a picture postcard colonial town with cobbled streets and the Escambray Mountains as backdrop. Challenge yourself with some ascents as you climb by bike through the forests of the Topes de Collantes in the Escambray range.

The far east of the island is dominated by the Sierra Maestra Mountains, Cuba’s principal range and one time rebel HQ for Che Guevara and his comrades during the revolution. The cycling here can be challenging and rewarding, particularly on the coastal ‘La Farola’ road from the major city of Santiago to Baracoa. 

Wherever you are in Cuba you will not be far from excellent live salsa or son music and dance. This forms an important part of the culture and it is great fun at night to just watch the locals dance or join in. Cubans welcome any participation and the local rum may help encourage you! 

Cuba’s climate is tropical and therefore it is a year round destination. There is a drier, cooler season from November to April, and a warmer season with more rainfall from May to October. 

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