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Cycling in Bosnia and Herzogovina

Montenegro is a compact country that offers the cyclist some of the most rugged and inspiring mountain terrain in Europe. Montenegro means black mountain and much of the countryside is dominated by the limestone peaks of the Dinaric Alps with a number of peaks measuring over 2000 metres in elevation.

You can cycle through Montenegro’s visually striking Karst scenery of canyons and cliffs, past ancient forests, pristine lakes and gushing rivers, and along the beautiful Adriatic coastline.

Cycling is the best way to appreciate the wild natural beauty of Montenegro as you travel from village to village to experience and learn about the rich cultural heritage of this country that only became independent in 2006. Culturally diverse with a history of Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Soviet rule, the country is dotted with historic towns and cities.

Along the way you are sure to be warmly greeted by the local people as the Montenegrins are famously welcoming and friendly. After a day in the saddle you will no doubt have the chance to sample some of the local wines, cheeses and home-made brandies


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