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Cycling in Sardinia

While many choose the island of Sardinia for its superb beaches it remains a relatively untouched gem for cycling holidays. There is plenty of variety for a bike trip as you can discover a dramatic mountainous interior, fascinating history, traditional villages, turquoise bays and delicious food. The rugged interior meets the sea with dramatic high cliffs and provides the cyclist with wonderful coastal cycling.

Sardinia is the Mediterranean’s second largest island after Sicily and cyclists will appreciate its well maintained roads that see relatively little traffic. The local people’s hospitality and warm welcome is no doubt influenced by the fine climate with approximately 300 days of sun per year. This weather allows for cycling from March to November, although July and August can reach high temperatures.

The Costa Smeralda in northern Sardinia boasts some of the best beaches in Europe and a scattering of islands lie off the coast. As you cycle down the rugged western coastline you can explore prehistoric Nuraghe archaeological remains, fortified cities, Spanish watchtowers and secluded coves with azure waters. 

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Nuoro is the capital of the rugged interior, with its barren mountains, wide alluvial plains and picturesque villages. You can cycle through the dramatic Supramonte range that rises up in the eastern interior and leads down to picturesque coves through deep gorges and canyons. 

After a day in the saddle you will no doubt have worked up an appetite to enjoy some of the delicious, local organic foods that the island prices itself on. Sample great local cheeses, typical breads, cured and spiced meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, locally milled olive oil and the day’s catch of fresh fish, all washed down with local wines

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