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Cycling in Slovakia

Slovakia is a scenically beautiful country that is largely dominated by the Carpathian Mountains, with many towering granite peaks in the High Tatras range reaching over 2500 metres in elevation and forming a natural border with Poland to the north. There are many cycle routes to select from quiet, well-surfaced backroads through rural landscapes lost in time amid the mountains to the classic European cycle route through the fertile Danubian lowland in the southwest that follows the Danube River into neighbouring Hungary and Austria.

The Danube River is Europe’s second longest and it once formed a boundary for the Roman Empire. It has become one of the most popular bike paths in Europe as offers relatively easy and peaceful cycling with a rich mixture of historically important cities and towns and natural landscapes rich in birdlife.

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Country Information

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava and from here you can head west along the banks of the Danube to Vienna in Austria and beyond into Germany. Heading east you can discover Budapest in Hungary and eventually reach the Black Sea in Romania. A host of great wine producing areas line the course of the Danube and can be enjoyed with local fresh fare at the end of a day in the saddle.

For a more challenging bike ride you can head into the Carpathian Mountains where small rustic villages are rooted in folk tradition and the wild natural habitat is home to a wide variety of wildlife including brown bears, lynx, grey wolves and soaring golden eagles. In times gone by a historic Amber trading route ran through this area between Hungary, Slovakia and Poland and it now presents a bike route with a wealth of historical and cultural heritage amid beautiful mountain scenery.

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