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Cycling in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is located at the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula, occupying a strategically important rocky mountain that overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar. It is known locally as the ‘Rock’. It is very small with an area of less than seven square kilometres and has a northern border with Spain. Gibraltar is a British protectorate whose sovereignty is hotly contested by neighbouring Spain. Its strategic location is also very useful on a cycling holiday to explore the surrounding area.


Country Information

Cyclists can benefit from a year round sunny climate and warm temperatures that are tempered by winds passing through the strait. Its unique position just across the waters from Morocco means that you could cycle on two continents and in three countries in a single day.

The Rock of Gibraltar is the only landmark, its profile dominating the horizon from all around. Any visit to Gibraltar is not complete without enjoying the views from the top of the rock. Cyclists can tackle switchbacks on a well-paved road to ascend to the lighthouse at Europa Point, from where you can leave your bike behind and take a walk along the Mediterranean steps – the historic service trail for the defence systems high up on the rock. The views from the top are spectacular.

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