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Family Holidays in Africa

Safaris are a popular holiday choice for families, and Africa offers a vast amount of premier wildlife watching, coupled with plenty of sunshine, vibrant cultures, delicious cuisine and pristine beaches. It’s a destination that will entice adults and children alike and will captivate and inspire you.


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In Tanzania you can learn about the legendary annual wildebeest migration, by being there to witness the wonder of nature first-hand. In Zanzibar, the children can enjoy a living and breathing history lesson in Stone Town, where its slave and spice trading history remains evident and you can stand on the harbour with the scent of spices hanging in air.

In Namibia you can become acquainted with the fastest animal on earth, the cheetah. Namibia has the highest population of these big cats in the world and the Africat Foundation does brilliant work in protecting the cheetah for future generations to marvel at. The sand dunes at Sossusvlei are a playground for the young and old alike, and Etosha National Park is an ideal location for family safaris with a huge amount of wildlife to spot.


The South African Cape is full of establishments that welcome children, as well as numerous attractions and interesting places for the whole family to enjoy. Tsitsikamma National Park offers great walks along the rocky coastline with remarkable sea views from cliff tops and suspension bridges.

Addo Elephant National Park is the third largest national park in South Africa and since the park was created in 1931 they have successfully increased the elephant population from just 16 to over 550, and lions, leopards, buffalo, black rhinos, hyenas, zebra, and more can also be seen here on safari.

Many of Zambia’s safari lodges pride themselves on being family-friendly and offer great wildlife watching experiences with a variety of game and first-rate guides available. South Luangwa National Park is notable for its wide variety of bird and animal life to be seen here.

Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta in Botswana are largely untouched by people and offer brilliant game watching away from the crowds, where the whole family can become absorbed into the natural world and experience the great African outdoors at its best.

In Madagascar the family can see wildlife unlike anywhere else in Africa and make the most of the tropical climate. Lemurs are of course the highlight of any visit with many varieties to see here, along with frogs, reptiles, birds and butterflies amidst the wonderful rainforest scenery.

Africa, although rightfully well known for its abundant wildlife, isn’t just a safari destination. It’s also an area filled with history and culture that in many countries is still so closely associated with modern life that it feels as though you are being absorbed into a bygone age.

In Egypt you can marvel at the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and Valley of the Kings and sail on Nile feluccas that have been plying the waters in the same way for hundreds of years, past monuments that are centuries or even millennia old.

Morocco’s souks, mosques and mountains offer a unique setting that has been used in many a Hollywood movie. From desert landscapes to the mystique of Marrakesh and the towering Atlas Mountains to the country’s many beaches, there is plenty to delight in.

With ample sunshine, world renowned wildlife watching, sandy beaches and living history, Africa is nothing if not diverse, with something to satisfy the entire family. Wherever in Africa you choose to travel, you are guaranteed to bring home memories that will fill your family photo album and stay with you and your children forever.

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