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Family Holidays in Morocco

Morocco is only a short journey from Europe, but from the minute you exit the airport it will feel as though you have been transported to a different world: one where the sun shines brightly and the vibrant cultures and traditions of the past live on alongside a growing and modernising population. It’s truly a unique destination that can’t fail to make a memorable impression on the whole family.

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Family Holidays in Morocco

The indigenous Moroccan people are the Berbers, and although now outnumbered by the Arab population, the Berbers are still found in many areas and their way of life has survived over the centuries mostly intact, with desert camps and camel trains, and colourful carpets and pottery.

Morocco’s landscapes are as diverse as its people, with Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines, the towering Atlas Mountains, the rolling dunes of the Sahara and the bustling ancient cities.

No trip to Morocco would be complete without taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the souks and Djemma-el-Fna square in Marrakech. The rising scented smoke from the food stands, colourful silks and spices stacked high, and the call to prayer reverberating around the square.

Morocco’s rich history is evident in cities such as Fes, where many things are still done in the ‘old ways’. You can wander the narrow alleyways and witness the process of making leather, which hasn’t changed for centuries. The country is also littered with Roman ruins such as the excavated city of Volubilis, with its towering columns and captivating mosaics.

If history, culture and delicious rustic cuisine aren’t enough to whet your family’s appetite, then what about adding some time on the fabulous beaches? The historic harbour city of Essaouira has a vibrant atmosphere as well as a beach popular with water sports enthusiasts and sun worshipers alike.

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