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Family Holidays in Asia

When planning a family holiday to Asia there is so much variety on offer, from the dramatic landscapes of the Himalaya to the delicious street food in South East Asia. 

If your children are keen on wildlife then Asia offers a wealth of options. Track the elusive Bengal tiger in India’s national parks, or count the camels you see while travelling through Rajasthan. Younger children will love the relaxed giant pandas in China’s Chengdu Research Centre or a visit to the Sepilok Sanctuary to meet Borneo’s gentle orang-utans will appeal to all ages. Why not take the whole family for a bath with the elephants in Chitwan National Park in Nepal after you’ve spent the afternoon tracking the rare one-horned rhino? 


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Food is a highlight of the region and there is something for even the most daring palate. From fresh spring rolls in Vietnam to spicy coconut curries in Kerala, testing your chopstick skills or making your own steamed dumplings in China, mealtimes will never be dull. For those times when your clan aren’t feeling so adventurous there are often western style dishes for a more familiar taste. 

If your family craves activity then head for the Himalayan foothills and trek through villages surrounded by giant Himalayan peaks. Explore the hilltribes of Thailand on foot or trek to the summit of Borneo’s Mount Kinabalu. Alternatively try your hand at bamboo rafting in the north of Thailand or cycle around Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle.  

There is plenty to keep children of all ages, as well as their parents, happy whilst travelling through this incredible continent. 

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